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~Welcome and thank you for visiting our website~

Favorable Outcome is a World of Warcraft based guild located on the US server Bonechewer.  We are a mature, friendly, knowledgeable, casual guild with an emphasis on raiding.  While we raid as often as possible it is not our sole reason for existence.  Most of our members enjoy the game as a whole but everyone has something they enjoy more than anything else.  Whether it be raid progression, old school raids, achievements, fishing yourself into a coma, or leveling your 16th level can all be found here in this eclectic bunch.  All of the founding members and a large portion of our population have been playing WoW together for several years.  While we are close knit group our doors are always open to players who share our game-play philosophy(see Guild Codes) and bring a positive respectful energy to our guild.

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Help Save a Life, Keep Vent Alive!!

xladiablax, Oct 21, 12 12:04 PM.
Our Ventrilo server is now open for donations which are applied monthy to our account.  For as little as $2 you can help save a raid life.  Just go to this link to help save the server. 

Site revamp complete! Please Register.

xladiablax, Sep 25, 12 8:49 PM.
Site updating is complete!  It's all Bucks fault so make sure to give him plenty of in-game face.  New members, old members and would be members who have any interest in raiding MUST officially apply on-line and become a member of our lovely website.  This is for raid point tracking(we call them B.A.R. points) so if you don't apply we can't track and you get no gear.  Do it!  You'll also need to sign into the website in order to see our "Raids/Events" tab which is where all B.A.R. points tracked.

Favorable Outcome website up and running!!

rpkinkel, Mar 16, 11 12:35 AM.
Current guild members and new members alike, please create a user name and password. Fill out the application, and once you are approved, feel free to browse all the new features our website has to offer. In the future, we will be having monthly contests for participation, blogging, library entries, forums, and all kinds of fun  stuff we havent thought of yet. Check in regularly for guild updates, and enjoy our new website!
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We are currently recruiting mature, friendly, respectful, teamwork minded players of all classes and levels.
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